Frequently Asked Questions


How can my child’s school get involved with The Bee?

AANSBC will provide training for teachers on decoding and spelling instruction. We will visit participating schools on a regular basis to encourage the students and give them opportunities to demonstrate what they are learning. Participating schools will register spelling bee competitors (grades 6-8) by the deadline to be provided. Students love to compete. Can you image them competing in an educational competition? We are making education a sport!
Teachers/Administrators, call or email us at to schedule a presentation to your school’s leadership if more information is required about the Bee.


How can my organization or church get involved With The Bee?

AANSBC will provide training for organizations and churches interested in sponsoring students for the annual spelling bee. Organizations must be committed to working with their students on a regular basis throughout the school year. So, we are calling on all churches, fraternities, sororities, and professional and community organizations! Email us at


I am interested volunteering. What is the next step?

If you are interested in volunteering, we will ask you to provide more information on your interests and gifts and pair you with a volunteer effort. Thank you for your interest in helping us create better spellers and readers!


I am interested in sponsoring your efforts to create better spellers and readers. How do I donate?

Our community cannot create better readers and spellers without you. Please click the "Donate" Button below to donate to the Bee. All donations are appreciated! AANSBC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-exempt. If you interested in corporate sponsorship, click here for sponsorship levels. Your organization will be recognized as a supporter of literacy in our community.